Flooring installation could be major work in the house and change the looks completely. Hard flooring include tile, hard wood, vinyl, laminate while soft flooring is carpet. Flooring installation is a big project. Irresptive of flooring material you choose, if it is not installed correctly, it wont look good.

Professional installers understand the challenges of installing all types of floors, from the initial removal of existing flooring and quarter round throughout the room, to preparing the door jams, checking the existing flooring grade in the room, and understanding how humidity and temperature affects different types of flooring choices. Engineered hardwood is a great option for tough environments with moisture and temperature fluctuations. TBecause of their unique design, engineered hardwoods can be install above, at, and below grade. These materials can be nailed, floating, or glued-down.


Install your own Floor

Unlike engineered hardwood, solid wood flooring is made from a single piece of material. As such, it is far more sensitive to the environment and is susceptible to expanding and contracting as the moisture and temperature levels fluctuate. Carpet Installtion could be overwhelming with millions of option with respect to color, fabric, thickness and grade. Installing carpet on stairs requires much more work and precision.

1. Vinyl
2. Carpet Flooring
3. Marble
4. Tiles Floor
5. Wooden Flooring
6. Special Design