Handyman can handle variety of tasks from minor to major including plumbing, painting, electrical fixtures, drywall repair, flooring, household carpentry, leakage repairs, installing chandeliers, led lights etc.

Handyman are skilled workers and can accommodate most of the requests in your home or office. They usually charge less than specialized skilled professionals. Most home owners tries to do minor work on their own just because the cost of such projects can be very high. With the help of right handyman, these tasks can be simply outsourced.

At Design Decor, we have team of handymen who are licensed and skilled but still charge fraction as compared to specialized company.


Basic handyman skills

Some of the most common repair work that Handyman does are :

1. Carpentry
2. Painting
3. Electrical fixtures
4. Flooring
5. Drywall repair
6. Fence fixing
7. Fan/Light installation
8. Framing
9. Garage door
10. Shelving
11. General maintaince
12. Sprinkler repairs
13. Deck, Door install
14. TV Mounting